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    Default The Temple Of Mars Ultor - A new blog!

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    The Temple Of Mars Ultor - A new blog! 15mm Gauls

    My new historical miniatures blog - Temple Of Mars Ultor

    15mm War & Empire Gauls

    All Gaul is divided into three parts, one of which the Belgae inhabit, the Aquitani another, those who in their own language are called Celts, in ours Gauls, the third.
    - Julius Caesar, Gallic War

    Friends, Romans, countrymen...
    Behold the first post of my new historical wargaming blog.
    I bring you the barbarian hordes of... Gaul!

    As the name of this blog is connected to Caesar, I am compelled to then start with... Caesar's Gallic Campaign.

    These are 15mm War & Empire miniatures from Forged In Battle.
    Sculpted by Andy Cooper, who sculpted for Old Glory 15s, which I painted many armies of back in the day.
    Well the ancients bug has bit me again, and I will be gaming and painting armies for mostly L'Art De La Guerre for small quick battles and Hail Caesar for larger engagements (higher model count eye candy).

    Since Im DBA basing, I can use single rank for DBA, doubled ranks for LADG, or 4 bases for Hail Caesar (half frontage means half distances means half table size!)

    I have some older rules sets as well: Lost Battles by Phil Sabin, and Might Of Arms for when I feel nostalgic.
    And of course, DBA for when I really need some simple old school love.


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    Upgrading My Basing

    Bases to match my Roman campaigns in dark barbaric northern lands.

    I wasnt too happy about my overly green fields on both the terrain and minis of the previous post.
    So I upgraded them and am satisfied with the results.
    They better represent the dark and grim woods of the barbarian lands.

    Basically, for the minis, I darkened the bases to a deep brown, then drybrushed it with a tan earth, and then topped it with static grass.

    The ruins bases were left brown with no static grass as a reminder that these structures were razed to the ground some time ago.

    For the forests, I added bark scrap bits on the darkened terrain base.
    Since the trees are just added on top, the terrain bases double as forest bases (with trees) or rough terrain (without trees).


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