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Sector Murkosia - First Inquisitorial Warband, Isstvanians

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In this post we have some newly converted and painted miniatures.
I havent yet given stats or names to all of these minis, but I do know that they are an Inquisitor warband from the Isstvanian radical faction.
They believe that the only way for humanity to triumph (or even survive) is to challenge it with tests of constant hardship and warfare.
As such, Isstvanians are always artificially engineering civil strife in strategic locations throughout the Imperium of Man.

That which does not kill you, makes you stronger...

Here is the warband.
In the center is the Inquisitor himself.
As you can see, Ive gone for the clear acrylic bases.
My minis will be fighting in a multitude of different locations and will always fit in.
And yeah, I have yet to paint the Sector Imperialis terrain in the background.

The Inquisitor's name is Makario Arkadius.
The staff like weapon he carries might be some sort of archeotech to help him control some of his cyborg acolytes.
He is now mostly machine himself, as the decades of warfare have taken a toll upon him and he has resorted to replacing his bodyparts with robotics.
I think that Makario is trying to use forbidden thinking machine tech to foment an android uprising to challenge the Imperium.
Hopefully, it wont spire out of control and end up destroying humanity instead.
Perhaps that staff is what gives him confidence that his plan will not fail!
Is that staff some sort of Necron tech, who knows...?

On the left is the Inquisitor's trusted acolyte, who is still fully human himself.
He carries a Hystrar-pattern energy shield to help protect his Inquisitor.

On the right is one of the machine/men cyborgs.
He is no simple servitor that is commonly used by the Adeptus Mechanicus.
His once human brain hasnow been enhanced with A.I. based on the old program codes of the Men of Iron from the forbidden Dark Age of Technology.

Crush, Kill, Destroy!

On the left is another machine/men cyborg.
This one is trained to be an assassin bot.
In his previous life he was a simple human farmer.
After an accident, he became a servitor for a street cleaning vehicle depot.
Then the Inquisitor liberated him and now he gets to go on exciting missions around the galaxy!

On the right is a rogue Mechanicus Explorator who has taken up the Inquisitor's Isstvanian viewpoint.
Or perhaps he just wants unfettered access to forbidden technology.
He is afterall a collector of fine archeotech himself!
Not for evil purposes, of course. But for the betterment of humankind and its machine children.
He maintains and repairs the Inquisitor and his cyborg servants, and if some nifty tech gadgets fall his way... bonus win!

Our Inquisitor warband usually finds itself at odds with Adeptus Arbites law enforcers.

And here, these Guild Merchants and their Mercenary hired gun are selling forbidden tech to our Inquisitor.
Hopefully, those pesky Arbitrator investigators arent about to spoil this transaction.


So there's a peek at my first foray into converting minis for Dark Heresy.
Hopefully, some fluff and battles will be coming soon.
Oh and even more minis!



From my blog here: [URL="https://murkosia.blogspot.com/2019/01/first-inquisitorial-warband-isstvanians.html"]https://murkosia.blogspot.com/2019/01/first-inquisitorial-warband-isstvanians.html[/URL]