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    AoS: Sylvaneth Previews Abound Today
    If you go down in the woods today, you’d better watch out because a bunch of woodland...
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    Tabletop Gallery: Come and Take It
    Now THAT’s a challenge if I’ve ever seen one. Enjoy.
    The post Tabletop Gallery: Come and Take It appeared...
  3. Can You Handle The Hot New Custodes Tech – FTN
      Paul and Adam Camilleri put in a tow hander this show.* We discuss Custodes tech, Daemons, and traveling...
  4. Embark on Side Scrolling Adventure with ‘Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels’
    The popular treasure hunting, action platformer moves to the tabletop! Shovel Knight, the...
  5. Streaming: Tabletop Hour Episode 57 – Chaos Knights & Traitor Command
      Today on the Tabletop Hour we have the Chaos Knights Codex in the studio and want your questions!...
  6. Geekery: Disney Is Bringing the Legend of Mulan Back to the Big Screen
      The story of the legendary warrior from the*Northern and Southern dynasties*of China is returning to...
  7. ToyLand: Visit Tatooine with These New LEGO ‘Star Wars’ Sets
      SDCC brings the announcement of two new sets based on the opening half of A...
  8. D&D: 5 Great Boss Monsters For Low-Level Adventures
    Summer is here, and with a new D&D Starter Kit in the wild, you’re probably looking for great villains to...
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    40K: New Sisters of Battle Sculpts Revealed
    GW is showcasing a handful of the new Plastic Sisters Sculpts with the latest Sisters of Battle Bulletin! The...
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    GenCon 2019 preview: Hellboy
    GenCon 2019 is almost upon us! From August 1st until 4th, Indianapolis will be bustling with...
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    Test of Honour 2nd Edition
    Test of Honour 2nd edition is here. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Graham Davey, writer of the...
  12. 40K: Start Collecting Thousand Sons & Space Wolves Boxes Pricing Breakdown
    With two new Start Collecting Boxes heading our way, let’s check the contents and see what sort of...
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    AoS: General’s Handbook FAQ Out Now
    The General’s Handbook 2019 has an Errata, FAQ, and Designer’s Commentary out now!...
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    RPG: ENnie Award Nominees 2019
    With Gen Con around the corner now, the ENnies have announced their nominees. Come see if your favorite RPG is...
  15. 40K Loremaster: Canis Helix – There Are No Wolves on Fenris
      Today loremasters, we delve deep into they gene seed mysteries of the Vlka Fenryka, the Space...
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    Feral Vanguard
    Most experienced and battle-hardened of the Feral Knights ranks gain an honour of being their Battle...
  17. Apparently There’s A Secret D&D Lore Bible
    According to a recent interview, there’s a secret book containing the most recent iteration of D&D’s...
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    Punkapocalyptic. Daughter of mutants.
    Now on sale for Punkapocalyptic.   Optional head and weapon (included). Remember you have more info on our...
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    40K: Meet Chaos’ Two New Unit Rules
    Come check out the rules for the two new Chaos units that just showed up this weekend in Traitor...
  20. Goatboy’s 40K: Chaos Knights First Thoughts
    Codex Chaos Knights is built differently, and while it does mirror the Imperial Knight book, it...
  21. Chaos Knights, GW Minis, D&D, Pathfinder, X-Wing and More!
    Chaos Knights have arrived, X-Wing Winners, new GW minis, plus Pathfinder, D&D One-Shots and Akira! Oh,...
  22. 40K: Chaos Knights – Sigils & Houses (SHELL)
    Though they have fallen to Chaos, the Heraldry and iconography of the Knights is still paramount to...
  23. 40K: Focus Fire Episode 6-GTs Across America & Clock Management: TFG Radio
    This week on Focus Fire we have Allan and Jeff back to talk about Allan attending 3 GTs in 3 weeks, clock...
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    AoS Next Week: The Sylvaneth
    It is the height of Summer and the Sylvaneth are in full bloom–come take a look at what’s crawling out of...
  25. 40K Next Week: Space Wolves Thousand Sons, And Titanicus Expansion
    Next week is looking to be packed with new releases for the grim darkness of the distant future. Come...
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