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  • WFBattles - Online Warhammer Battle Recorder, Leagues, Campaigns & loads of stats!

    Inviting you to join an interactive Warhammer Fantasy Battle Recording website (it's FREE with no catches - I built it to learn how to program and for a bit of fun).

    [url=] (Create an account and try it out)[/url]
    Main features:-

    • Record your battle details, notes and links & review or download them whenever you like
    • Compare your battlefield performance and get ranked against fellow gamers
    • Create leagues for up to 20 players
    • Join an alliance and compete in a campaign for accolades and points
    • Compare each army's performance against every enemy
    • Check out the best units, troop types and phases for all armies
    • Find out which armies are collected most, wanted, painted, loved and feared
    • Read The Book of Grudges!

    Please help me to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc

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    1. Sigmar's Avatar
      Sigmar -
      Sine I last visited I've added two new pages; The Revered and Battlefields.

      [URL=""]WFB - The Revered[/URL] (link)

      Shows which armies are most feared by each army owner and in aggregate. It also shows which are the most collected (and loved) and wanted armies, I've called that section The Venerated.

      Some pics

      [URL=""]WFB - Battlefields[/URL] (link)

      Consists of two elements, the Scales of War (ie. who's "winning" the eternal conflict) and Bitter Rivalries - the armies from opposing factions that spill the most of each other's blood! :-)

      I've blogged all the details here (in case you want to know how it's all calculated) :- [url=] - Battlefields Page details[/url]

      Some pics :-