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12-19-2017, 08:28 AM
The Fantasy Lexicanum has a problem with characters that are shared between the two settings. I think it would be much easier if I split those character articles into two, one for the Mortal Realms the other for the World-That-Was, because of the huge passage of time and very blunt differences between these characters. That way these articles would be less confusing in terms of images and content.

Anybody has any objection or any opinions that should be shared?

12-19-2017, 01:51 PM
I think those characters should have one main article with the general informations as a frame and starting point. And then seperate articles for the more detailed stuff - it's pretty common in Wikipedia.

For example, well, Nagash:

Introduction text

The World-That-Was
Main article: Nagash in the Old World (link)
Brief description

Mortal Realms
Main article: Nagash in the Mortal Realms
Brief description



12-19-2017, 06:04 PM
Well I was planning on turning the main page into a disambiguation page, but the model pics would be in the individual articles, through what you suggest might be better.

The pages that I'm aware need to be considered for this change are: Sigmar, Alarielle, Grungnir, Grimnir, Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Morathi, Archaon, Neferata, Mannfred, Arkhan, Necoho, Hashut and Recurring Chaos Mortals.

Gork, Mork Horned Rat and Malekith are less of a problem since they have different names through the orc gods might become problematic as Gork and Mork still do things as individuals and there are more aspects of Gorkamorka than those two.

12-22-2017, 05:18 PM
Okay I think I've reach a conclusion and I think i'm going to split as many articles as possible between the two settings.

I will use a similar format to the one suggested above and label them as (FB) and (AoS). I'll apply it to every character(including gods), races (like Skaven and Slann) and some objects and locations (like Ghal Maraz and Oak of Ages).

The Ideal solution would be really creating another wiki for Age of Sigmar, as the Reset is too hard to keep stuff in one wiki and keep it coherent. I could easily transfer all of the AoS content to it's own wiki if I had the place to transfer them.

Either way I'm going to split the articles after Christmas if there aren't any objections.

12-23-2017, 12:42 PM
Hum... I think if we have a main article, the more deep articles don't have to have names like Skaven (FB) or Slann (AoS). I'd prefer names like The Skaven in the Warhammer World (or World-that-was), Ghouls in the Mortal Realms and The Slann in the Age of Sigmar. (WH)FB and AoS are game-related abbreviations and shouldn't be used for (mainly) background articles in my opinion. Full titles look better, too.

12-23-2017, 06:17 PM
That's a good idea. The only reason i used the game system names is because of the Realm of Chaos and the parts that intersect. But I guess I can ignore them.

Skaven, The Lizardmen-turned-Seraphon species articles, Beastmen sub-species, Slann, Vampires and Daemons. Not so much other beings as they don't totally share names(the species of Ghoul are called Mordants in AoS) and i'm pretty sure I can come up with a good alternative in some cases like I did for Sylvaneth.

12-26-2017, 09:29 AM
Since it's already the 26th I decided to go ahead with and started by separating all the articles about the main gods of the pantheon is AoS.


Next I'll aim to do the Chaos Gods.
Edit: Chaos Gods also done, through I didn't do Necoho or Hashut, because there's barely anything that justifies splitting them.