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09-02-2017, 02:15 AM
Hey there all you Kings of War!

In this thread I am hoping to create a roundup of all the news, reviews and battle reports from Kings of War YouTube community for everyone to check out and enjoy. I plan to update it weekly so keep on checking back every Thursday to get your latest KoW YouTube fix! Seeing as how we're just at the launch of the Edge of the Abyss summer campaign most of the VLOGS featured in this herald will revolve around the summer campaign!

First up this week, from Plastic Space Barbies we have three videos to feature. First up is an in-depth preview of the Edge of the Abyss campaign book, a giveaway video featuring several of the brand new 2017 summer campaign miniatures and an Edge of the Abyss battle report! Check it out here:

Edge of the Abyss Preview - Kings of War!

Edge of the Abyss Giveaway Spectacular!

Edge of they Abyss Jarvis vs. Nomargarok Batrep

Buy the campaign book at your LFGS or via this link at the Mantic store!

Edge of the Abyss - Summer Campaign Book

Next up, we got an in-depth review of the 2 player starter set The Battle of the Glades from BlackJack Legacy. Check that out here:

Kings of War 2 Player Starter Box Review Mantic Games The Battle of the Glades

Buy the 2 player starter 2 at your LFGS or via this link at the Mantic store!

The Battle of the Glades: Two Player Battle Set

Master Crafted gives us all a good reason to feel terrible about missing out on the 2017 edition of the Lady of the Lake GT!

Why you should go to a Kings of War Tournament! Lady of the Lake GT 2017!

MTGandMORE has published a series of unboxing videos featuring some new Mantic releases, including the VAMPIRE ON UNDEAD PEGASUS and TREE HERDER miniatures and KINGS OF WAR ARTEFACT & SPELL CARDS! Check them out here:

Unboxing a Mantic Vampire on Undead Pegasus

Unboxing Mantic's Tree Herder miniature

Unboxing the Mantic Kings of war Magic card deck

Buy them at your LFGS or via these links at the Mantic store!

Vampire on Undead Pegasus

Tree Herder

Kings of War Artefact & Spell Cards

WargamingForFun gives hobby tips on how save on Green Stuff when putting together Mantic restic miniatures. Check that out here:

Resnic (Resin Plastic) Quick Fix - No Green Stuff required - Hobby Vid

Meanwhile Utterly Spineless has been putting together a great series of videos reviewing Goblin units and tactics. Check out Parts 1 and 2 here:

Kings of war Goblins army review and tactics (part 1)

Kings of War Goblin army review and tactics (part 2)

Missed out on the massive Good versus Evil battle at Gencon 2017? Check out the amazing table setup with terrainaholic for that super sized battle here:

Gencon 2017 Kings of War Good vs Evil Table

The venerable Andy2D6 narrates a classic Goblins versus Dwarves 2000 point Invade scenario

Kings Of War Battle Report - Goblins vs Dwarfs

And to wrap things we have some fun Edge of the Abyss battle reports from the South African team over at Battle Knights and Slaughtered Warlord! You can check them all out here:

Kings of War campaign ; Edge of the Abyss game 1 Undead vs Men - Battle Knights

Kings of War: Nightstalkers V Dwarves 2500pts
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SG-VYMD08-Y- Slaughtered Warlord

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09-10-2017, 10:41 AM
Hey there all you Kings of War!

Here is this weeks roundup of all the news, reviews and battle reports from Kings of War YouTube community! First up this week, the drums of war sound across Mantic as the forces of Good desperately strive to hold back the tide of Evil pouring forth from the EDGE OF THE ABYSS summer campaign!

The Afrikaners from Battle Knights give us two thrilling campaign battle reports that you can check out here:

Kings of War campaign ; Edge of the Abyss game 2 , Undead vs men

Kings of War campaign ; Edge of the Abyss game 3 , Undead vs Men

Andy2D6 brings us a battle report from the front lines featuring the League of Rhordia, bribed by the Green Lady with a barrel full of apples to do battle against a ravaging Undead horde

KoW Summer Campaign Battle Report - Undead vs Rhordia (TRIPLE ZOMBIE LEGION)

Ultimate Power Gamer brings us battle #3 from his Edge of the Abyss campaign, featuring his Empire of Dust battling it out against Matt's Elves in this epic 3000 point battle!

Kings of War Battle Report: Edge of The Abyss, Battle #3

Over at Plastic War Dollies the adventures of the Ophidian obsessed necromancer Jarvis continues on in CHAPTER 3 - TEMPTRESS OF EVIL as he and the Vampire Count clash against the vile Mau'Ti-Bu-Su and her relentless Forces of the Abyss.

Kings of War Jarvis vs. Mau'Ti-Bu-Su

And capping off all this weeks Edge of the Abyss madness comes this narrative battle report from Slaughtered Warlord featuring the fearsome Varangur taken on the fearless Undead in a 2500 point battle for the fate of Mantica!

Kings of War: Varangur vs Undead 2500pts - Edge of the Abyss

Marching to his own drum Holy Diver bring us a Kings of War historical battle from the 100 Years War featuring the English facing off against the French. Check out this throwback battle here:

Kings of War Historical English VS French 100 Years War

In Kings of War Tech news, Ash over at Guerrilla Miniature Games shines a spotlight on the successful Precision Pivoting Arc kickstarter campaign by Karl Kersten. Level up your game with these laser cut precision arcs in this episode of Widgets and Wonders!

Widgets and Wonders Ep 90 - Kings of War Precision Pivoting Arc by Karl Kersten

And to wrap up this weeks Herald we join Team Nebraska and Plastic War Dollies as they headed out to Wichita Kansas for the Border Wars GT. Check all the action from this Mountain Region Masters Qualifier and 6 game Grand Tournament event here!

Tournament Report - Border Wars GT

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09-24-2017, 11:49 AM
Hey there all you Kings of War!

Here is this weeks roundup of all the news, reviews and battle reports from Kings of War YouTube community! First up this week, learn about your chance to drink and dice at BEERS OF WAR 3 - The KoWalina Winemixer!


Beers Of War 3 - The KoWalina Winemixer - 40k, AoS and Kings Of War

Thanks to Lukes Affordable Painting Service (APS) together with PWork Wargaming, everyone has a chance to hang out, drink and game at Beers of War - The KoWalina Winemixer! Happening over October 7th and 8th at the Balne Lane Working Mens Club, Benjamin St, Wakefield WF2 9AN, UK, don't miss out on your chance to beer and game! You can get tickets to the event here:



Next up, straight from the Mantic foundry are some amazing new miniatures releases for Kings of War! Have you ever wanted to thunder across the battlefield riding an unstoppable Steel Behemoth or terrifying Undead Wyrm? Team Mantic are finally giving you a chance to fulfill that dream with two fantastic sculpts this October! Check them out here:

Kings of War - Dwarf Steel Behemoth

Kings of War - Revenant King on Undead Wyrm


Bensome, Spoon and Sellick from the Direct Misfire Team everything you need to know about Kingdoms of Men in their latest KoW army review! Join the lads as they cover the usual unit breakdowns, army lists, allies and model options for the Kingdoms of Men (manly men). Check it out here:

Kings of War: Kingdoms of Men review


At Guerrilla Miniature Games Jan brings his beautifully converted Chaos Ogres to face Ash's Brotherhood in a 2000 point game of Ransack from CoK 2017!

Legends of Mantica - Kings of War 2E Battle Report - Ep 18

Plastic War Dollies features KoW'er Duane Richardson flying in from Tuscon, Arizona just to play Bill in a game of Kings of War! #kidding but Duane was in the area and an EDGE OF THE ABYSS campaign game HAPPENED! Check it out here:

Kings of War Jarvis vs. League of Rhordia

Holy Diver brings us a battle report featuring the classic villains of the KoW world, the Undead and Abyssal Dwarfs clash in a 2000 point, using he 2nd scenario from the EDGE OF THE ABYSS book supplement.

Kings of War Battle Report Undead VS Dwarfs 2000 Points Edge of the Abyss

Sean Gewecke shows us how to be creative use our old 6mm 40K Epic miniatures for Kings of War! Check out Kingdoms of Men vs Orcs 6MM Style in an 800 point Kill! scenario.

Kings of War (6mm) Battle Report 4 - Kingdoms of Men vs Orcs - Kill! 800 point

Utterly Spineless features a fun, straightforward 2000 point Goblins versus Salamanders.

Kings of war Battle report: Goblins Vs Salamanders 2000pts

Ross FigurepaintingCoUK shows up for the first time in the KoW Herald with a Kings of War introduction video, featuring a light hearted game of Kings of War introducing the general concepts and how you can start playing right away with existing models with the minimum of effort.

Kings of War Introduction game

ThroatSore also makes his first ever debut in the KoW Herald with a rare Dwarf versus Dwarf MIRROR MATCH against Dastovian!

Kings of War by Mantic Games Dwarf v Dwarf mirror Match

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