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08-21-2017, 02:30 PM
Welcome D20srd (http://d20srd.org) traveller!

This is all new D20srd.org community forum. You can talk about anything here from rules, adventure and DM ideas, to technical matters, or ideas about the site itself.

I hope you find the Bell of Lost Souls Lounge to be a great place to kick back and enjoy some great conversations regarding your favorite RPG rules archive.

By all means, read the terms of service, which include the posting guidelines. In general, we strive to be a center of reasoned discussion without devolving into some of the madness that forums can often become.

Just relax, have a good time, and be courteous to your fellow poster, even if they are not extending the same to you. And remember, no chairs! Enjoy the D20srd.org Forum.

09-08-2017, 05:06 PM
Thanks for putting this whole thing together. I've been using the SRD for a while, when I don't feel like littering the bed with books. I'm looking forward to hearing what other DMs/Players are doing to make their campaigns come alive. I first played D&D when I was a kid, back in '81. Love it more now than I did then. Always looking for ways to keep the game play smooth, combat quick, NPCs memorable, stories that draw from the real world while being as original as possible.


09-11-2017, 01:53 AM
Welcome Frank, and make yourself at home.


10-06-2017, 04:43 AM
Thanks. Glad to join you

10-14-2017, 09:55 AM
Hi! Happy to be here - I've been using your0 3.5 srd for YEARS. I'm glad to see the wiki, too.

12-07-2017, 06:27 AM
Hi everybody! I'm from Ukraine, so don't be too strict about my English. First of all I want to thank for d20srd.org. I like it very much.

But for at least 2 last months I have problems with connecting to d20srd.org. I tried 3 different internet providers (Kyivstar, Ukrtelecom, McLaut): in office & at home, tried changing browsers. The only thing that helps is using proxy. In Ukraine proxy is a must have for every user because of idiotic laws, but I would appreciate to have direct connection to your site.

I'm not so good in IT, so don`t know exactly what information to provide about this issue. I can ping d20srd.org without using proxy, but just can`t open it in browser.