View Full Version : 50ss BattleReport Parker Barrows vs Som'er Teeth Jones

09-06-2016, 11:59 AM
Minnesota wargamer Alex Vien/TheGreatSerpent has written up an awesome battle report with his favorite Outcast vs the devious Gremlins.

Alex is preparing for the Renegade Open and has been experimenting with the idea of having an 'All-Comers' Parker Barrows list that he can drop into any matchup. In this battle report he continues to test out that experiment and gives a turn by turn re-telling of his game. If you enjoy his batrep, leave a comment for him.


Here's his list:

Parker Barrows +4 Pool

-Hail of Bullets (1)

-Highwayman (1)

-Stick Up (1)

Doc Mitchell (3)

Mad Dog Brackett (9)

-Lucky Poncho (1)

-Crate of Dynamite (1)

Sue (8)

-Oath Keeper (1)

Pride (8)

Big Jake (5)

-Oath Keeper (1)

Bandido (5)

Bandido (5)