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12-01-2015, 11:18 AM
WTS Starter Dark Angels Army - $250 (US Based) - Free shipping within US

Dark Vengeance Company Master
DV Librarian Turmiel
DV 2x Tactical Squads (7x SM w/Bolters, 1x SM w/Plasma Gun, 1x SM w/Plasma Cannon, 1x SM Sgt. w/Chainsword & Plasma Pistol)
DV 6x Ravenwing Bikers (2x RW Biker w/Plasma Gun, 2x RW Biker w/Bolt Pistol
2x RW Sgt. w/Chainsword)
DA Battleforce 6x RW Bikers
DA Battleforce 1x RW Attack Bike
DA Battleforce 1x RW Land Speeder
RW Black Knights (1x RW Black Knight, 1x RW Black Knight w/Grenade Launcher, 1x RW Huntmaster)
Azrael w/Watcher in the Dark & The Lion Helm (kitbashed)
Assorted sprues to match DA Battleforce and RW Black Knight kits

Purchased new would be around $300

Willing to separate the list but there may be small increase in pricing to cover multiple shipments.