View Full Version : Daboarder’s How To’s: Tokens and Markers on the Cheap(ish)

09-04-2015, 09:01 PM
Heya all,

Just here today to bring you another quick how too for making that gaming budget go places and lowering the barrier to entry for the game that is infinity.

So last time I dealt with tables (you know, you need one of those). this time I'll deal with tokens and markers.

Now if your like me, you prefer to spend your money on either more miniatures or on making those miniatures look good on the table, and in infinity in particular that usually means custom bases from one of the multitude of companies that make them, Which means you, like me, have a TONNE of those bases that CB sens out lying around so lets put them to good use.

1) use the following link to make up a set of markers of your own desired size (25 mm usually) and make up. I recommend prioritizing orders, command tokens and the like first, then states such as prone and suppression and camo, then wounds, unconscious and dogged and finally the more exotic states.

Print it out and get it laminated

http://inf-dice.ghostlords.com/markers/ (I believe this is courtesy of Tadchild)


2) cut out each of the markers using sizors of a whole punch (if its get through the laminate) dont need to be too neat about it but try get the edge reasonably rounded.


3) take a base and flip it upside down.


4) run some super glue along the raised edges of the base and down the centre supports.


5) Now pay attention here, this is the "tricky" part.

Starting at the join between the supports for the base and the outside rim of the base, place the edge of the marker down such that it is lined up using the rim of the token then lay the rest of the marker down, this should mean that it lines up roughly in the center and is supported all the way around by the rim.


Congratulations, you're done!

Repeat ad nauseum until you have all the markers you need.