View Full Version : What happened to Kaldor Draigo in Fantasy/Age Of Sigmar?

07-31-2015, 06:01 AM
Hi all,

I have been pondering one of my favourite little side story's connecting the 40k/Fantasy Universes.

In the 40k universe Grey Knights Grandmaster Kaldor Draigo is cursed by a Lord of Change to be stuck in the Warp. It was then hinted at (In the End Times books I believe) that Kaldor Draigo is a mysterious large knight speaking in a foreign tongue by Teclis.
Long believed that the Fantasy Universe resides in the Warp as a backwater planet I liked this little hint and thought no more of it until Age Of Sigmar happened.

Now we know some Heroes and Villains survived the transition the question is did Kaldor Draigo?
First the question is did he die? and if he did will this be reflected in 40k fluff proving that the Fantasy Realm was indeed in the 40k Warp.
The second question is if he survived what happened to him?

Here is my theory if he survived.
Being a Space Marine Kaldor quickly picked up the native tongue of those he fought along side against the force of Chaos. He was approached by their leader Sigmar who praised him for his fighting skills and resistance against the Chaos forces. Sigmar asked Kaldor to train a new group of Warriors who would take the fight to Chaos possessing skills not to unlike his The Stormcast Eternals! (And thats why we have AoS Space Marines)

Just a theory but id be interested to hear yours!