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Bernard Jackson II
07-27-2015, 11:19 AM
Hey Everyone!

So, I like the idea of a smaller skirmish game, and Malifaux seems to fit the bill. I have seen a few battle reports on YouTube, and the minis/game system seem pretty awesome. I tried to do some preliminary research, but without a local gaming community that supports it, I have kind of hit a brick wall.

Pretty much, all I know is that I am probably going to go with a Misaki Ten Thunders crew. I am a sucker for ninja and samurai in all forms. As for a buy list, I have no idea where to start after grabbing the rulebook. My biggest questions would be:

Are the minis in the Misaki Ten Thunders starter any good? Will I actually use them in the future?
Are there any Ten Thunders "must have" models?
Do I need to buy the Wave1/Wave2 books to assist with list building?
How large of a force is considered common?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

09-23-2015, 01:43 PM
Yes you will get use out of thunder archers and her totem.
Ototo isn't the best henchman but can hand out some damage.
I don't think there are any must have models kang is very good as are railworkers found in the mei feng box.
The arsenal decks should help with list building the books are nice but not essential.
The game is balanced at 50 soulstones

09-26-2015, 11:03 AM
Hi. For fun games, I would say all the models in the Ten Thunders set are good. I have not played that much Malifaux (only started this year) and then only playing at home.

Personally, I would recommend getting the big main rulebook (not the mini) and the Crossroads follow up book. They are not expensive, and give you all of the stats and background for all the factions. Having a read through gives you plenty of info to build atmosphere and shape how you want your crew. Personally, we have built our crews around the fluff and the models we like. That does not seem to of given any crew an advantage / disadvantage. The game seems pretty balanced.

Must have models for Ten Thunders - not really - just what you like. For me, I like to run some Samurai; I just love the models.

We play 35pts, which makes for a game we can easily fit into an evening without rushing.

The only warning I would say about Malifaux is that personally, I think they have gone a little too far in complicating the mechanics around using the Fate deck (instead of dice). After our fifth game, we introduced a couple of house rules to limit just how quickly cards were changing in our hands, otherwise we were spending 50% of the game time just moving cards about.

09-27-2015, 11:02 AM
hey hey,

To answer your questions

1. Misaki is good at what she does. Ototo is only ok, you have to run him at half wounds for him to be really good. Torakage is passable scheme runners for the crew.
2. Thunder Archers and/or katakana snipers are definitely worth taking. After that taking what is good depends on what you're likes are. There are models I know that are worth taking that I don't like the look of.
3.You don't need the wave 1 and 2 books for making lists. Every model comes with stat cards. If you can find the arsenal decks, you will be fine. I read that they have stopped producing them though, so that might be hard. There is a generalist upgrade box available that has all general faction upgrades, so you can get that. Model specific upgrades come in the boxes for the most part that I've found.
4.50 soul stones/points is the designed amount for the game, so I'd shoot for that.

Check out the Pullmyfingerwiki. Its a fanmade wiki of everything wave 1 and 2. So much useful info there.

Welcome to Malifaux.