View Full Version : Warhammer VS Kings of War

06-08-2011, 02:50 PM

as the title suggests, i want to know what is better to play.
i have a copy of the warhammer fantasy rulebook, and both undead books. yet i totally like the mantic undead, by which i mean i can have necromancers with zombies, skeletons and war machines in one list. in warhammer i either have zombies or warmachines, not both.

some say i could better stick to fantasy, others say kings of war is simple but has high stategic value, more so then warhamer.

in costs mantic wins with it's free rulebook and armylists. GW is costing a small fortune nowadays to get started with rules, let alone miniatures.
i'm completely new to play both games(am known with 40K).

so what is your opinion? kings of war with it's minimal rules, or warhammer fantasy with it's 100 page rules(or something).


06-23-2011, 07:29 AM
This is the beauty of mantics game buy all the mantic you want and as long as you are not playing in a gw owned store and your oponents are cool with it you can use your mantic figs for warhammer. Ive fount the same has been true in reverse when needing to fill out ranks in kow using gw dwarfs has ben ok by folks. I personally am buying all i can for my next fantasy army from mantic so i can play bolth games. That and i like the look of thier elves so much better, all they need is some swords men from mantic and id be happy.