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  1. Keep Austin Weird!
  2. Hello Los Angeles!
  3. British People!
  4. Chicago gamers unite
  5. A Toronto Forum
  6. Marietta GA Players.
  7. Chaos Games
  8. Is there anybody out there?
  9. Ottawa Gamers!
  10. Hello Manchester
  11. Shout out to H-Town
  12. Soon to be in Dallas
  13. Central Coast Corsairs
  14. Melbourne here
  15. how about a wellington or at least new zealand wide forum?
  16. Hello!!!!
  17. Citizens of Melbourne? Report in...
  18. British People! Lend me your mics!
  19. Stratford-upon-Avon
  20. MD/DC area gamers?
  21. GW Hobby Center - Franklin Mills - Philadelphia
  22. I need swift, bloody vengeance
  23. Gaming groups northwest of the city?
  24. Moruya Marauders Tabletop Wargaming Club.
  25. Trying tio get a game of Fantasy at the Mills on 28 August 2009
  26. Tuscaloosa Al. 40k Players
  27. FFG in the Austin Area.
  28. Hobby Town USA in Ahmerst
  29. Northern Colorado WarParty
  30. H: OOP 40K, Fantasy W:MANz, =I=, SoB, Bitz, Paypal
  31. South Jersey Gaming - Good vs Evil Games
  32. Franklin Mills GW closing POSTPONED
  33. Weird...
  34. Are our laws getting in the way of our hobby?
  35. South Philly Gamers
  36. Looking for 40K platers in Greater Springfield, MA
  37. Gaming nights in Central London
  38. Looking for players
  39. I claim this subforum in the name of Spain!
  40. Armourdale
  41. Gear for Sale
  42. Gear for Sale
  43. Allentown - Stroudsburg Gamers
  44. How about some "networking" NSW & ACT?
  45. POW Campaign AKA Who Ate My Cheesey Mac Free For All
  46. Just noticed this
  47. Gaming crew in Manhattan
  48. Melbourne Hobbying from the Abyss
  49. Paw 2010
  50. Hey Guys!
  51. Local Players
  52. Feb 16th tournie
  53. Adepticon is filling fast!!!
  54. Wrexham
  55. GCN Club - "The Exeter Inqusition"
  56. Exmouth Imperials
  57. New GW Philly
  58. Exmouth Imperials Venue Crisis!
  59. Bristol Gamers?
  60. Heavy Gear
  61. Cottman GW Store Whereabouts; FYI
  62. GW Cottman = FAIL!
  63. Exeter Legionary 2010
  64. Yo H-Town
  65. anyone live in or around quincy illinois
  66. Hello glasvegas!!
  67. Dark Elves for sale!
  68. 40k Gaming Store - Eastside
  69. Oh Vengeful Brits who play CSM...
  70. Hi Austinites
  71. Oppenents Sought
  72. Exmouth Imperials have moved
  73. New to 40k looking for people to play...
  74. Sydney South West Gamers wanted.
  75. looking for players too
  76. GW laughs and FW Necron goodness
  77. i miss AMM
  78. 40k all day wed 29th
  79. Forgeworld Order - Cargil
  80. www.Centexwar.com
  81. New England gamers here's a group for you!
  82. February Battle for the banner?
  83. Gaming in albany?
  84. Central London Apocalypse game this Saturday
  85. Looking for some games in Bellevue bunker
  86. anybody out there?
  87. Selling some items (mostly Tau, Marines)
  88. San Diego March 6-11
  89. 40k Orks sell or swap
  90. Madicon 20 @ JMU in Harrisonburg, VA
  91. Vagabonds Takapuna gaming Night
  92. Exeter Inquisition Presents 'Nut Up or Shut Up II' 25th/26th June 2011
  93. moving to Ft. Lewis
  94. Inland empire?
  95. Any clubs in the Torbay area
  96. Gaming Modelling group
  97. dundee store and clubs
  98. houston 40k gamers
  99. Looking for 40K Game, Austin
  100. Torbay games club
  101. LostShade Games & Hobbies Flea Market Day
  102. Brainstorm Comics Frederick MD
  103. Exeter Legionary 2012
  104. Houston 40k on facebook
  105. Who else is from Metro Detroit?
  106. Selling all my 40k stuff at 40-50% off
  107. Dallas, TX Wargame Club (NEW!)
  108. Looking to play 40k near Westchester County, NY
  109. Hello From Torrance California
  110. Battletech Tournament 2103 Hall of Heroes
  111. breaking: redients of sheffield have all become invisible.
  112. 1000pts WH40K game at Warhammer world - 23rd/24th August?
  113. Moving to Oakland - What's Up at Endgame?
  114. East Devon
  115. Redditch Wargaming Society
  116. Texas Battle Bunker TANKSGIVING APOC BATTLE November 17th
  117. south Devon
  118. new wargaming venue
  119. Houston, tx players
  120. Killadelphia Open
  121. [Proxy Army] LFP for Weekly Wargaming, Orange County, CA area (Mon and/or Tues 5-7pm)
  122. South-West Sydney
  123. Returning Eldar player. North London / Hertfordshire.
  124. Local Updates
  125. Larp
  126. 40k In austin tx
  127. Buying Tyranids new codex in London
  128. New Store - Kirton Games in Crediton, Devon
  129. Black Library fans in London
  130. Store in dallas tx
  131. Any South Austinites?
  132. Gaming Group In Cleveland, Ohio area
  133. The Surrey Spartans gaming club
  134. Northern Warlords - Warrington Uk
  135. New England Comics, New Bedford, MA USA always looking for new gamers!
  136. This is a long shot: anyone else in Montana near Butte?
  137. Relocating to Birmingham AL
  138. warhammer world game?
  139. Possible games abroad
  140. Central London 40k'ers?
  141. Looking for Centreal PA Players
  142. Players in the Wheeling area or in the Upper Ohio Valley area
  143. Players in the NOVA area
  144. Yorkshire Gamers
  145. Torbay Table top Games
  146. Any good players/places to play in Dallas, Tx?
  147. New to Austin, TX!
  148. new ro the DC area
  149. Hawaii, BIG ISLAND players? who plays!??!?
  150. warhammer 40k florence ky
  151. Wargame Player Locator
  152. Good People? Good Stores? Good 40k? Sherman or Plano, TX
  153. Luton Tabletop Gaming Club, Beds, UK
  154. Looking For Players or a place to Play in Columbus OH
  155. Relocating To Portland Maine
  156. Players in Dorset, UK
  157. WarGaming in the Buxton area
  158. 40k player looking for club in Ventura County, California area
  159. Horus Heresy in Dublin (Ireland)
  160. Warhammer 40k Norfolk Virginia Beach Virginia
  161. Horus Heresy (30k) Players in Central London UK
  162. Redditch Wargaming Society - Worcestershire, UK
  163. Age of Sigmar in Hudson, Ohio
  164. Gaming on Orcas Island, WA
  165. Looking for WH40K in OSAN Korea
  166. Reiter Books Wargaming Club in DC, USA