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  1. Squats
  2. Metal imperial guard
  3. Playing with non-gw models
  4. Zoats
  5. Your 40K army
  6. Where do you play?
  7. bols lounge
  8. Rules Problems
  9. Scale Creep
  10. Back in the swing
  11. Why We Play
  12. Modding the Game: How would you change 40k?
  13. Motivation and you - How do you keep going?
  14. Army Builder
  15. Cursed Founding Chapters: where to from here?
  16. who are the "worst" players?
  17. Fluff Discussion-Emperors Mercy
  18. hive city tiles
  19. Assassins - Take em or leave em?
  20. It's a bit dated now, but here's my "How Not To Play Planetstrike" Article
  21. Imperial Super Guns
  22. Why cant my Vanquisher fire HE rounds?!
  23. Units in the penalty box - Strike 3, you're out
  24. Codex: Chaos Space Marines Revisited / ferocious wishlisting
  25. What is best table size for the 1500 points single tournments
  26. New Tyranids Codex!
  27. Big Red's Collection RE: Guard Rescue Units
  28. The commizirator titan!
  29. GW Army Painting Comp
  30. Help out a new player?
  31. Combat Patrol - Blood Angels
  32. No success with IG
  33. Sniper Rifles
  34. How to Play Eldar
  35. GW Models You Don't Like
  36. GW Models You Particularly Like
  37. Stormtrooper recost?
  38. Memorable Moments
  39. help with army builder
  40. Purity seal bottle
  41. Apocalypse plus Planetstrike
  42. What unit are you going to add next?
  43. Most Lethal
  44. How often do you play beginners
  45. Go Dark Eldar
  46. funny model i found on ebay
  47. Phoenix, AZ players wanted
  48. Forge World Never Answering E-Mails?
  49. What Points Level Do You Usually Play?
  50. Iron warriors/Traitor guard/renegades??
  51. Least Lethal
  52. Shut out of 'Ard Boyz Semis
  53. Have you seen these marines?
  54. Rules You Don't Like
  55. Rules You Like
  56. How often do you play apocalypse/planetstrike?
  57. Heavy weapons in Transports
  58. FW Newsletter News!
  59. Heavy Or Hobby
  60. Two Questions...
  61. So... is 25,000pts of Tyranids to much?
  62. Planetstrike Queries
  63. Ard Boyz Results
  64. Epic Moments
  65. Miniatures & Their Bases
  66. 3 player matches
  67. What are you most looking forward to in terms of new releases?
  68. Have You Ever Seen this Form of Cheating?
  69. Most useful Units?
  70. Marines - which chapter?
  71. Dice!!! Proof they have a sense of humour
  72. Welcome joke tellers.
  73. Ironhalo's Flyer base contest - Voting?
  74. Which Space marine codex is better?
  75. Need Motivation
  76. To Wait, or Not to Wait
  77. My New Tyranid Blog!
  78. Tyranids/Orks vs. "what if"
  79. Blatant Blog Advertisement
  80. Mind War Competition.
  81. An idea for a night of silly fun
  82. Where can I get dice?
  83. Your Favorite GW Fluff
  84. Your Least Favorite GW Fluff
  85. Opinion on the best troop option
  86. Relictors
  87. Great minis with terrible rules
  88. Your favourite named characters?
  89. Whose better Space Marines or Chaos?
  90. Planetary Empires
  91. How do you want to see the other Space Marine Chapters handled
  92. How about a Scenarios and Campaign Forum?
  93. Your favourite Heavy Support choice?
  94. Your favourite Fast Attack choice?
  95. Space Hulk!
  96. Tyranid Pronunciation
  97. Arbites--Pic of the Day 17th August
  98. What makes a List a Hobby List?
  99. Your favourite HQ choice?
  100. Cheap Bitz Websites?
  101. Your favourite two unit combo?
  102. Your favourite army build, horde, elite, mixed?
  103. WH Zealots Rules
  104. warhammer 40k humor thread
  105. Thinking outside the box of 40k
  106. gw official twitter
  107. help for a new guy
  108. Legal Tactics That Make You Want To Hurt Your Opponent
  109. Upset about the lack of accessory sprue and price of Demolisher
  110. Posting pictures
  111. Our crazy library system
  112. Army Theme Songs
  113. Making a List for Hades Hive
  114. The Female Figure (So to say...)
  115. The TSOALR comic is actually kind of funny
  116. What constitutes a 'full' Space Marine Chapter?
  117. Ghazskull or mega armoured warboss?
  118. legendary last stands
  119. Has the internet ruined 40K? Can it save it?
  120. when does the new imperial guard on Errata come out?
  121. Defense of The Macragge
  122. 40k Event
  123. Women GW gamers?
  124. Battlescape---Better than expected!
  125. Should I have won a prize at this tournament?
  126. The most riduculous out comes of a close combat?
  127. House Rules?
  128. Soft VS Hard Army bags
  129. Will they ever make models of the Primarchs?
  130. What is your favorite Space Marine chapter?
  131. What is your favorite Chaos Space Marine chapter
  132. 40K Trolls
  133. Whats your favorite sub-chapters (part 1)
  134. Whats your favorite sub-chapters (part 2)
  135. Where has Vassal Gone?
  136. Whats your favorite sub-chapters (part 3)
  137. Whats your favorite sub-chapters (part 4F)
  138. Favorite Actors as Named Characters
  139. Units you love to hate
  140. Which is the most valuable stat?
  141. What do you look for in an army before collecting it?
  142. The most expensive 1000pts on the planet
  143. Space Hulk is HERE!!!
  144. Which Unit Models are your Favourites
  145. Advice for a New Game Store
  146. The most versatile codex?
  147. The Least Costly 1000pt Army
  148. Imperial Armour Volume Seven: The Siege of Vraks Part Three product review
  149. 40K Glorious Moments
  150. What makes a tournament winning list?
  151. Tzeentch is out of the spotlight
  152. SPAM rebuttal...
  153. Looking for ADULT Players near Doylestown PA
  154. A Bit of shameless self-promotion
  155. Eldar Runes
  156. Speculation on Blood Angels
  157. Chaos Icons discussion
  158. Favorite Army Specific forums?
  159. Is there an Online Eldar Forum?
  160. Small Games
  161. Would you like too see a free downloadable Army Roster
  162. Narrative Apocolypse Battle Report - Sisters of the Crimson Passion
  163. A Little Bit of Patience!!!!
  164. Anyone have experience with GW customer service?
  165. Wbb q
  166. Melta + Multimelta Tactical Squads
  167. Scale of 40k not true to life... opinions?
  168. Tyranids are coming!
  169. Funny question for old players
  170. Plague of Plague Marines
  171. Cases
  172. War Cries
  173. Does The GW Studio Use Its Own Hobby Products
  174. Looking for Imperial Fist shoulder pads
  175. 40K's Worst Characters...Ever.
  176. Who would you like to see get a codex?
  177. Real life dark angels?
  178. Math-Hammer
  179. First Founding Chapters Playlist
  180. Primarchs Day Job
  181. No Forgeworld Blood Angels love?
  182. Previous versions of the game
  183. While Britain May Have Already Sold Out...
  184. Get yourself a 40-kation: Much better than school
  185. Another Opinion of 40k
  186. Planetary Empires
  187. Employment at GW
  188. Plasma
  189. Battle of the Chicken Walkers
  190. Devilfish HELP
  191. Why do you play warhammer 40K?
  192. Bitz!
  193. Adam and the Ant-iums
  194. Space Hulk Irony
  195. Space Hulk Question
  196. Favorite Weapon
  197. What is in the Transport?
  198. Space Hulk Model Bases
  199. Can yoku take luck out of 40k
  200. Can you take luck out of 40k
  201. Valk Comp.
  202. Atsknf?
  203. Iron Hands First Company
  204. Selling armies you have, but seldom play
  205. Unknown Primarchs
  206. Crisis Suit interior ??
  207. Would anyone be interested in buying a nid army?
  208. The most riduculous out comes of a shooting phase?
  209. Plastic Sisters....could they save the army?
  210. Got Melta? - How do you get it.
  211. Codex Creep?
  212. Lets try something different for a change.
  213. Chaos Space Marines:
  214. should a codex be rules or guidlines
  215. Where to show your army?
  216. Special Character Throw-Down
  217. D%?
  218. If I Wrote the Codex
  219. The 10 Types of Games
  220. Metal to Plastic?
  221. planetstrike now the dust has settled
  222. GW making it to easy to make broken armies?
  223. Valk. contest winner ?
  224. I feel like a wasteful jerk
  225. White Dwarf #356 no LOTR
  226. How often do you play 40k?
  227. What If GW went "mainstream"?
  228. 40k Movie...what if
  229. Affordable Miniatures
  230. Necron WBB Opinions
  231. Astartes color and you, Your chapters Heraldry and Chapter/ Legion Colors
  232. The "Do no harm" Tournie soft scoring methed
  233. Leman Russ Exterminator
  234. So I'm empting boxes...
  235. Mechanized IG now viable AND NOW CHEESE?!
  236. Games Day UK
  237. Vehicle Explodes Craters
  238. Eldar or Space Marines?
  239. The perfect win - Tall tales of perfection
  240. Which 40K Novels would make into the best Movies?
  241. space wolf jotww seen it before?
  242. From "counts as deathwing." to "counts as Wolf Guard,"
  243. 40K Personal: Easy Going Guy Seeks Opponent
  244. my bottom .. just handed to me twice...
  245. sugestions for IG
  246. awsome deal
  247. An Orky dillema
  248. check your spam email for GW emails
  249. Can Fluff and Competition co-exist
  250. 40k in Colorado