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  23. Chaos Dragon
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  28. Beasts of Chaos Minotaurs and Hounds Query
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  31. Shooty Dwarfs. How many Thunderers does one need?
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  42. How do you use your characters?
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  50. Brettonian Mounted Yeoman
  51. High Elf Prince
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  61. Star Dragon + Birona's Timewarp
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  69. meeting engagement
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  87. \o/ N00bz-R-Us \o/
  88. \o/ N00bz-R-Us \o/
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  116. Ok im thinking VC core doesnt win fights, so Zombies seem the way to go
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  119. Teclis
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  135. warplock jezzails
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  140. Shooting Armies
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  143. Epidemius in a unit of Plague Drones of Nurgle is really viable :)
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